Piano Tuning

Q: How much does it cost to tune my piano?

A: It Depends
I know that’s not what you wanted to hear.

Here’s the deal, we charge $50/hr with a maximum fee of $400

If your piano only needs a standard tuneup, usually the cost ranges from $150- $250
If your piano needs a pitch-raise it will cost from $250-$400

Q: What’s a “pitch-raise”?

A: When the pitch of any of the keys on your piano is at least a 1/2 step off, the pitch needs to be raised.

This process takes much longer due to the extreme pressure and stress on the instrument as the tension is significantly increased. This must be done slowly and carefully to avoid broken strings and may require more than one visit as the strings stretch and settle

Q: Is there a travel charge?

A: Yes, but ONLY for jobs more than 20miles from Ely NV. We charge the standard hourly rate – above and beyond the “maximum fee”


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